• Magician Michal Sindelar


He learned magic from the books. Now he is doing magic shows for the rich and the poor all over the world.

Everybody wanted to do a magic! Michal wanted a lot, so he had to learn a lot. He studied the books. He was training for  hours in front of the mirror. He recorded himself to avoid mistakes. Magic tricks were tested on friends and unknown people in the subway. Sometimes he would show his magic tricks to someone and the audience became excited. Michal knew this was his way. He has chosen the magician's career - as a professional.

Michal Sindelar

He had never had any teachers, and did not take any magician courses. Everything he can do is the result of his will and determination. He is best in close up magic, as well as great with illusions. His magic show has been seen by audiences in a total of twelve states, on six continents in the last four years.

„I am the most interested in people's reaction to magic. It is actually the pure energy of positive emotions - surprises, laughter, enthusiasm ...

Do you know David Copperfiled shows? David has always been Michal‘s biggest star and motivation. They met after his show in 2013 in Las Vegas. Michal‘s dream had finally come true.

When Michal is not doing magic, he likes to travel. He also devotes himself to charity, plays tennis, golf and even knows how to play the piano.



Michal begins his proffesional career.


The first magic show outside the Czech Republic! He had a chance to show his magic show at the EIBTM exhibition in Barcelona (Spain's largest tourist trade expo).


First appearance outside the European continent! For almost a month, Michal performed magic shows on Fiji and Vanuatu. From the locals, he got the nickname Magic Mike.

The greatest achievements

For his greatest achievements, Michal considers a private magical performance for the Prince Saudi Arabia, footballer Arjen Roben (Bayern Munich), and also the opportunity to show off his magic to Mrs. Eliska Haskova Coolidge (lecturer and former assistant to the US presidents). He is proud that he has managed to travel beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, Europe, Asia and virtually all over the world. This only confirms the fact that Michal's magic show is highly professional, and appealing to audiences on all the continents.

World tour


Spain - Marbella (Ocean club). New York - Andaz hotel na Wall street and 5th Avenue. Maldives - hotel Four Seasons. Abu Dhabi - F1 race.


Bali - Four Seasons. Vietnam - resort Holiday beach Danang. Caribbean - St. Lucia islande (Sugar Beach Viceroy hotel)


USA - Texas a Switzerland - private VIP party. Caribbean - St. Lucia islande (Sugar Beach Viceroy hotel)


Austria- private VIP party. Caribbean - St. Lucia islande (Sugar Beach Viceroy hotel)


Bahrain - Al AreenPalace. Jordan - Four Seasons hotel


Seychelles - Raffles


Travel the world with my shows, and especially to make everyone smile because the more joy we give to the people around us, then we create a better world.

,,The biggest magic happens when you start to believie in your dream and in yourself."

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